Elements impacting team’s productivity

Elements impacting team’s productivity Want to know the key elements to improve your team’s productivity? Company norms and Cohesiveness are the 2 key elements. Company


HOW TO BUILD PROJECT SCOPE To build the project scope, you collect the requirements from the various stakeholders , both internal and external. You may


VENDORS, THE VALUED PARTNERS We the organization, need not and may not be an expert in everything and cannot be self reliant. Interdependency leads us


NO TIME TO PLAN ?? “It costs approximately 10 times more to fix the problem at each later stage of the project” – Strategic Project

Customer Delight

Customer Delight Your clients, your sales team When understanding the requirements of your clients, you may stick and deliver what they ask. But don’t you

Know about Mushroom Management

Mushroom Management The management style in which the employees are not shared with the information about the organization and the happenings in the organization/management is

Difficult to talk? Then write…

Difficult to talk? Then write… Brainstorming is an excellent tool to capture ideas or solutions for a problem. But as every tool has its limitation,

The golden circle vs Agile

The Golden circle vs Agile The golden circle of starting with a Why, then on how to do and what to do for your why,

Who are your stakeholders?

Who are your stakeholders? Stakeholders are those who have a stake or interest in the project or work. They can be an individual, a group

Align to Succeed

Align to Succeed Are you getting sufficient support from your management towards your project?Are your team members supportive and cooperative in your project?If the answer


WHY PROJECTS FAIL ? Most of the projects fail because the scope has not been defined properly. What is scope? The main intent of the

Confidence or Capability

Confidence or Capability I have a online PMP student who appeared dull and was not able to understand the basic concepts , I had to

Team Bonding

Team Bonding For the success of the project, the people involved in the project have to work as a team and not as a group.

How to keep employees enthusiastic?

How to keep employees enthusiastic? You as a lead or manager must be wondering why the enthusiasm of your team is going down. It may


MY VIEW about SELF GROWTH Generally, I suggest that one should get into customer facing sales job for at least few months and that helps

Brainstorming, the right way

Brainstorming, the right way As leads or managers, you should have conducted brainstorming session at least once and sometimes found it being ineffective. Is the

The Driving Force.

The Driving Force. An employee always has a choice, whether to put in his efforts towards work or not to. What drives a team member?

Coronavirus (Covid-19) impact on Projects

Coronavirus (Covid-19) impact on Projects It’s time for me too, to contribute something on Coronavirus, when everyone are speaking about it, providing tips to prevent

Secret Mantra to balance your workload

Secret Mantra to balance your workload delegation You may be a lead or a manager running around between too many things. You have limited time

Brainstroming – A Quick View

Brainstorming What & Why? Idea generation technique A team building activity Idea / Solution generated by the team would be the best The team will


TAKE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION Be prepared for the risk and take control of the situation. My learning to share with you through my recent

The Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard Today I happened to attend a session on ‘The Balanced Scorecard’ and just loved the concept and how it was presented to


DOWN BOARD THINKING In chess, a player should not just think of his immediate move but should access what would be the next move of